On all of our hunts we provide recommendations as to how to bring your trophy home.  I have tremendous experience in this regard and we will guide you through the process.  This involves everything from flying with meat, to local butchers, to local taxidermists, to dip and ship taxidermists responsible for preparing your trophy and shipping it back to your home in the US.

Check out my interview with our most trusted and highly regarded South African Taxidermist and shipper.


We help make all necessary transportation arrangements with your outfitter and ensure that you arrive safely to your destination.  From outfitters picking you up at the airport, to you driving into camp, to bush pilots, helicopter rides, to Toyota Land Cruisers, Let me tell you… Getting around is half the fun and a big part of the adventure!


 Each country has different rules when it comes to bringing in your guns.  We have agents available to assist with paperwork and details.  Many of our outfitters provide rental guns and some provide them at our encouragement for free.  Whatever your preference, we will provide you with the necessary information to make transporting your guns as seamless as possible.


Caring for your meat and ensuring that it is handled properly and expeditiously is an important detail on every hunt.  Typically our outfitter will field dress your animal and help to transport it to a local butcher when available.  We will review with you available options on every hunt and ensure that you are prepared when the time comes.  We will provide you with readily available options that allow you to not have to worry about resourcing folks on your own.